We approach your business from all angles, and provide solutions that reflect the right angle. It’s a three-stage process tailored at every step of the way to your business type and style.

1)    EVALUATION Here’s where we walk a mile in your shoes. We dig deep inside your business, getting the facts on your customer base, your sales track record, your marketing efforts, your distributions channels, and your competitors. It involves research, interviews, and obsessive observation.

2)    RECOMMENDATION Think of it as a chalk talk with pie charts. We present you with our analysis, spotlighting areas with room for improvement, outlining the best strategic options for correcting them, and arriving at a game plan that fits your budget.

3)    IMPLEMENTATION It’s go time, and how it goes is your call. You can choose to implement the game plan on your own, task us with carrying out specific portions of the plan, or have us manage the entire program. We offer hourly and monthly retainer fee options to accommodate your choice.